No Shampoo Hair Care

I have always been one that gets lots of great comments about my hair. I have been blessed to have naturally easy hair.

I used to use expensive shampoos and use lots of styling products to get great looking hair.

I switched to generic shampoo and didn’t notice any difference in my hair. So, I stuck with the cheaper stuff and still had great hair.

I started to wonder if it was possible to have a no shampoo hair care routine.

A few years ago I started looking toward more natural lifestyle and hair care was one of the area I started with.

I looked at why it was that I used so many different products on my hair. Using shampoo to clean and get out all the gunk I used to style my hair and then used conditioner to moisturize my hair from the shampoo.

Then styling products that would start the cycle all over again.

So, after some research I decided be somewhat drastic and stop all hair product including shampoo.

Stopping the styling

I have always been one to wash my hair everyday. Then I would dry and use gel or mousse to style.

I knew that not using styling products might be a bit tricky but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

I have naturally wavy hair and used gel and mousse to make it more curly.

I learned that if I blotted my hair dryer while scrunching my hair it help keep the curls better.

It will take some trial and error but their are ways to style your hair without products.

Take a look at what you want to achieve and see how you can do so without products.

If you want more curls like me, blot and scrunching your hair dry is a great way get more curls.

If you are looking for straight hair, drying with a towel by twisting out as much water as possible and then brushing straight can really help.

Once you have tackled how to style your hair without products, you are more than halfway there.

Going No Poo

A lot of the need for shampoo we create ourselves. By using styling products we gunk up our hair a lot.

By eliminating these products we are now only dealing with dirty and oil.

Most people think that their hair is dirty after not washing for a day or two.

When you stop washing your hair, your hair does not become dirty, it is oily.

Hair in generally doesn’t get very dirty.

At least not for most people. Unless you get things actually in your hair it will not get very dirty.

Everyone’s hair is different and the production of oil is different too. Some people have naturally oily hair, some naturally dry.

Oil is actually a good thing for your hair. Most people try to avoid oil in their hair at all costs. Oil is a necessary part of keeping your hair healthy.

Oil moisturizes and coats you hair. If you have every used or heard of a hot oil treatment this might make more sense.

When you shampoo you strip the hair of its naturally helpful oils. That is the reason conditioner is needed, condition acts as a moisturizer to replace what the shampoo stripped away.

So, without shampoo your hair will naturally moisturize your hair with oil and conditioner will no longer be needed.

Dealing with the Oil

When you first stop shampooing you will have to wait out the oily transition phase.

For me the phase only lasted about 2 weeks and it was mild. Although I have heard it can last up to a month and can be quite bad.

I know it is hard to wait and the idea of just using the shampoo again is tempting, if you can wait it out you will be happy with the results.

There are lots of natural options out there to replace your shampoo if you are experiencing extreme oily hair.

Homemade shampoos can help if needed.

When I started out I used apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Both of these will neutralize your oil.

Once my hair evened out I stopped using anything and went to just water.

Brushing your hair often will help distribute the oil produced in your hair.

As you will notice the oil come from your scalp, so brushing your hair will pull the oil from the scalp and distribute it all the way down your hair.

You will notice when your hair evens out as your hair will not be as oily.

After the transition phase your hair will just be normal, so it is well worth the wait. If you shampoo, even once, it will start the process all over again.

Water only

After the transition phase my hair was great. I stopped using anything and just rinsed my hair with water in the shower.

Surprisingly it didn’t feel oily at all, it was great. Not having to use shampoo also made my morning routine much easier. No more washing, conditioning, and then styling.

After a few months of only water I decided to try a little experiment. I washed my hair with shampoo.

I was shocked. My hair was super frizzy and crazy. I had never experienced friz and it was ridiculous. My hair felt awful and gross.

It took a good week to get my hair back to normal. It has been years and I will never use shampoo again.

Looking for Changes

I have had times when my hair started feeling a bit dry on the ends. I don’t brush my hair multiple time a day like I did in the beginning.

So to help the ends I used a little bit of coconut oil. I have used coconut oil in my hair before but was a little worried that without shampoo it would not come out well.

The coconut oil easily washed out with just water.

At times I have also had a bit too much oil and used baking soda to help neutralize it.

Staying aware of the changes in your hair will allow you to adjust to what your hair might need.

I absolutely love my no products hair care routine. It is so easy and simple and of course natural.

Have you tried not shampooing? What was your experience?

I would love to hear your story.