About Me

Welcome to Natural Health.

I am here to help you live your best life without the harmful chemicals and unnatural substances that are so prevalent in our world today.

My Story

One day I had a light bulb moment that sent me on a journey to natural health. As I looked around at all the surrounding things I saw so many unnatural things. From preservative filled foods and medications for everything under the sun to harsh chemicals to clean away all the “bad” stuff. I started small and tried to make “healthy” food choices. The more I looked for natural ways of living the more I found. It was not that long ago that people did without much of what we have today and were much more healthy because of it.

Now my first thoughts when I need something is how can I find a natural alternative. It has become second nature and I love that.

Guiding your Journey

I want to help guide you on your journey so you can see how truly easy it is to make simple changes in your everyday life that will allow you to reap huge rewards for your health and happiness.

I consider it an honor to be able to walk this journey of life with other like-minded people and aim to do so in the most natural way possible.

Learning together

I created this site to help us all on our journey to natural health. Knowledge is power and it is my mission to share the knowledge that I have in an effort to facilitate power in others lives.

All the best,

Shannon Farris