Parenting is something I have a little bit of experience with. I am a mother of 11.

Yes, you read that right I have 11 children. Yes, they are both mine and my husbands. We are not a mixed family, dont have adopted or foster kids. Just lots of wonderful children.

So over the last 21 years I have learned a lot about kids and how difficult parenting really is.

There is no one size fits all with kids. So, there is no one way to parent.

The older i get the more I realize that the latest and greatest crazies are not the way to go.

Less really is more when it comes to family.

It is not about the money you spent or how many toys they had, all that really matters is the relationship you cultivate with your children.

The most important thing is to nourish them in body soul and spirit to the best of your abilities.

The more I look at the artificial world we live in the more I see a need for parents to get back to natural ways of doing things that will increase our health and keep our bodies working the way they were designed to for a long time to come.

It is not easy nowadays to live a natural life we are so accustomed to the hustle and bustle of life.

Moving at lightning speed doesn’t really lend itself to the natural way of doing things.

Yet, their are so many small things we can do, just little changes we can make in our lives and families that will help us start moving in a more natural direction.

I am not nearly as natural as i would like to be but we are all on a journey and I definitely have not arrived yet.

I invite you on this journey with me, to create a more natural life for myself and my family. Together we can get their and learn a lot from each other along the way.

Where are you at in your journey? I would love to know. Leave me a comment below and let’s learn together.